G A R D     J O N E S

Objects   &   Ideas
Things Are Seldom As They Seem

Born in San Francisco, and educated in the Pacific North West, the mystical nature of the eternally grey day encouraged me to turn inward.  My sculptures reflect this inward jouney.  They hold the glass darkly to reveal the contingencies of my reality, finding foolishness in the structures and hierarchies of my everyday life.

With a move to the Detroit area to attend Cranbrook Academy of Art,  the zeitgeist of what was a decaying industrial center became reflected in my art.

A subsequent relocation to Washington D.C. quickly affected my work as I looked at the world through the door of whimsy with jaundiced eye.

Settling in Baltimore I found a new mystical environment.  In serving the conceptual theme of my work I have found satisfactions in treating mundain objects as sacred and finding hidden truths within them.